Dandelions and Mosquitoes…in January!



Today, as my husband and I left Steak N Shake after our decadent Frisco Melt sandwiches (we are SUCH gourmands!), he noticed dandelions blooming in the parking lot.  In January!  And yesterday, as he was taking down our Christmas lights (finally), he was swatting mosquitoes. Yep. In January.  After reading several blogs from more northern climes lately, I realized what a cool thing this is. Cool, as in neat, fun, and amazing, as opposed to cool, as in snowy, icy, or ten degrees below zero.  Just one more aspect of winter in central Florida.  Now whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on your preferences, I reckon.

Me, I love cooler weather, and I really don’t want to be wearing shorts in January.  BUT. I also don’t want to be shoveling six feet of snow off of my car, and sliding down icy stair steps every time I leave my house.  So, I’m going to go with the whole “bloom where you’re planted” thing and revel in the many blessings surrounding me in this part of the country.  Hope you are able to do the same, no matter where you live.  In other words, if you find a dandelion in winter, make a wish.  And when Life gives you snow…BUILD SNOWMEN!!


14 thoughts on “Dandelions and Mosquitoes…in January!

  1. My mother was talking about the mosquitoes,also. The dogs were barking at a little frog. One of my neighbours asked me if I own any long pants. ha ha ha…


  2. That’s life around these parts, eh? Seen any dandelions yet?

    Keep your kneecaps warm, and I’ll see you Saturday. Did you see what books I’m bringing? (Hint: The list is in my last response on I’m Writing A Book.)


    • Yes, I did. You are a traveling library. I hate to keep your books for so long.
      No dandelions,yet. I am doing some weddings and my gluteus maximus muscles are hurting. ha ha ha.


    • Thanks, Kathy. It’s all part of my New Year’s Resolution to make a conscious effort to be grateful for all I have, every single day. Less complaining, more enjoying, and as much gratitude as possible. Hope life is treating YOU well, and thanks for stopping by.


  3. You can be a gorgeous, hothouse plant today, Sue! Pamper yourself with indulgences you probably wouldn’t dream of on a “friendlier” day. Pore over your photography, or read a lovely book, and sip your favorite tea by the fire. Ooooh…THAT sounds like blooming where you are planted to me! Enjoy yourself, whatever you do. That’s MY plan for the day, for sure.


    • And thank YOU for taking time to comment. I’m happy you stopped by today. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to be grateful for all I have, instead of being grumpy over the things I don’t. Being grateful doesn’t allow much room for misery. Takes a little work to stop and think things through, but it’s worth it. Hope you’ll stop back by often.


      • I didn’t know you had two blogs. Glad I dug around a bit in your blog this morning! I’m an amazon affiliate too, different than you though.. I think. But I must say I’m not very successful at it, ha ha!


  4. Hi, TBN. I’m glad you found Bookin’ It. I’m guilty of spending more time there than here, I’m afraid, because I’m such a book fanatic. Hope you’ll enjoy looking around there. I do reviews, cover art, and general info related to writing and books. Lots of quotes, as well. I’m not too successful at the associate thing, either, because my blogs are still small and don’t have huge followings yet. But it’s free, so why not set things up to take advantage of it? I figure, if I earn enough to buy a new book now and then, I’m happy. It’s not my main goal with blogging. Hope you’ll stop by both of my blogs and have fun looking around. (On Bookin’ It, if you are looking for particular types of reviews or posts, just check out the Category Column in the right hand sidebar.) Hope to see you there!


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