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Slow But Steady Wins The Race…Right?

Wow, the last few weeks have gone by in a blur, and I’m still far behind, try as I might. My inner tortoise is beating the crap outta that wily hare! I’ve had bad news (an injured back that’s almost well and foot problems that might entail yet another steel pin), good news (my first novel, Wake-Robin Ridge, made the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list in Fiction/Ghosts, and just regular news (hangin’ in there pretty well for a ol’ granny like myself).

This week, I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done, even though I’m not caught up yet. I finished my draft of A Boy Named Rabbit(the sequel to Wake-Robin Ridge), and it is now in edit, and hopefully will be released next month. I’m four chapters into Hunter, the sequel to Swamp Ghosts, and on schedule for…

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Wednesday’s Guest Author: Elise Abram

Another cool Wednesday Author Interview on my Booki’ It blog. Hope you’ll check it out.

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Today, our guest author is Elise Abram who writes what might be called “light science fiction,” and also has a newly released YA adult book available. Elise, welcome to Bookin’ It. So nice of you to join us today.
BI:. Tell us a bit about how you became a writer. When did you decide that’s what you wanted to be, and what steps did you take to prepare for a writing career?
EA: Being a writer was never a choice for me; I’ve always felt compelled to write. Growing up, I told myself stories to keep myself occupied. Sometimes I wrote them down, but I never really liked how they sounded. I kept telling myself one day I’d write all my stories down and get them published, but I never did. The Internet changed all that, because I suddenly had access to content I couldn’t get before and…

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Might As Well Have A Laugh Today…

Just for grins.

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Yeah, it’s not Thor’s Day, my usual joke day, but sometimes I just feel the need to share a laugh, regardless. Got a couple more reviews to do today, and my Sunday Blog of the Week, but I don’t care. I’m starting with a chuckle, anyway. Hope it makes you smile, too. I might even throw in a few more throughout the day. That’s the kind of week I’ve had. Every little laugh helps! 🙂


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Great Weather for…Soliciting?

Who knew this would work?

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Well, must be something about 90+ degree days that brings out the solicitors en masse. The last week or two has been one constant barrage of doorbell ringing, accompanied by the not-so-dulcet tones of two frenzied dachshunds who continue to bark for another three or four minutes after I’ve chased off whoever was at the door to trigger their stubby-legged outrage.

I’m trying to write, here, but instead, find myself under constant assault from people of all ages and clothing tastes, trying to sell me home security systems, cemetery plots, life insurance, flood insurance, frozen steaks in bulk all the way from Omaha, and even salvation, or at least their particular concept of what being saved is all about. Doesn’t matter if I tell them I have my own concept, a freezer full of steak (I wish), all the insurance I need (doubtful), a place in the garden set aside…

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Wednesday’s Author Interview: “Jurnalist” Ned Hickson

Be sure to stop by Bookin’ It to read my interview with Ned Hickson, Humor “Jurnalist” and all-round funny guy.

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My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

I’m so pleased to have Ned Hickson with us today for our Wednesday Author Interview. I’ve been following Ned’s blog as long as I’ve been on WordPress, and know for a fact, it’s the perfect way to start the day. Of course, Ned’s laugh out loud sense of humor has caused me to spew Earl Grey all over my keyboard on numerous occasions, but that’s something he and I are still addressing. (You owe me for THREE now, Big Guy!) 😉

Welcome to Bookin’ It, Ned. It’s great to have you here today. Can you tell us a bit about how you became a writer?

NED:I am frequently asked how I became a writer. Mostly by my editor here at Siuslaw News. Except when she says it, the words sound more like an accusation than a question. I can honestly say I’ve been…

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Monday Giveaway: Jim Butcher and Karen White

Just to remind you guys it’s Giveaway Day on Bookin’ It! Check out what you can win, and how. 🙂

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Happy Moon’s Day! It’s Giveaway time again! In keeping with my plan to get some readers started on Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, I’m giving away downloads of Books 2 and 3 today, along with a download of a book that’s been on my To Be Read list for far too long, Karen White’s The House on Tradd Street.

Karen White is a writer I’ve really learned to enjoy. I’ve read several of her books, and plan to work my way through all of them. The House on Tradd Streetis the beginning of a series of books about…houses. On Tradd and other streets. Needless to say, things of interest happen in these houses. In the case of this book, there’s a mystery, a romance, and a ghost story rolled up in one, and I can’t wait to read it, myself.  And you all know how I feel about…

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Sunday’s Blog of the Week: Backyard Biology

This blog is a Don’t Miss for lovers of nature and photography. Stop by today!

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Chestnut-Sided Warbler by Sue Chaplin

I discovered Sue’s wonderful Backyard Biology blog shortly after I started this one nearly two years ago, and have followed it regularly ever since. Sue’s nature photography just gets better and better, but even more fun is that she combines her love of photography with a genuine interest in all things related to whatever she is taking pictures of at the time. Sue shares this information with her readers, in a way that makes it all entertaining and interesting. If you love animals, birds, scenic prairies, rivers, and more, you’ll love Backyard Biology. Do stop by and see for yourself. And be sure to tell Sue I said hi! 🙂

Backyard Biology

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Wednesday Author Interview: Mystery Writer Evelyn Cullet

You mystery readers might enjoy this interview with Evelyn Cullet. Check it out on Bookin’ It! 🙂

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Love Lies and Murder - WEB

It’s Wednesday again, and today I have the pleasure of talking to mystery writer, Evelyn Cullet. Evelyn, Welcome to Bookin’ It. It’s great to have you here. Tell us a bit about how you became a writer. When did you decide that’s what you wanted to be, and what steps did you take to prepare for a writing career?

Evelyn: I loved to write short stories in high school. It was then I decided I wanted to be a writer. After graduation, life got more complex, but over the years I always jotted down ideas for stories, or character traits, or settings, or dialog, in spiral-bound note books. One day, my husband was cleaning out our desk and wanted to throw them all out, but when I protested, he suggested I put all the information on my word processor. When I finished, I found that I had nearly an entire novel…

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My Bucket List Contains…



I got this brilliant–I hope–idea to replace my typical hanging baskets with galvanized buckets. I’m tired of the plastic crumbling apart after a season in our punishing sun, or the hangers all snapping off and spilling the baskets to the ground. Since I just built my “wee potager” herb tower, I thought why not try hanging buckets, too?

bucket 2

I planted this one yesterday with some 99-cent scaevola (fan flower), gazania, and India Frills coleus. My only worry, again, is if the metal will get too hot and damage the plant roots. Otherwise, I think this is a great idea, if you like the rustic look of metal buckets, and I do. My pond is a galvanized watering trough, and I plan to do some vegetable gardening come fall in some more of those. Maybe something like this, on a smaller scale.


Or this one.


Have any of you done gardening in galvanized containers? I’d love to hear about it. For more ideas and photos like these, check out my Pinterest “Garden Ideas” board.

Wednesday Author Interview: Deborah Brown

Check out the whole interview on Bookin’ It. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Today, I’d like to welcome cozy mystery author Deborah Brown to Bookin’ It. Deborah’s Paradise Mysteries are so much fun, and I especially love them because they are set in south Florida, and make me feel right at home as soon as I open the covers! Thank you for being here, Deborah. I appreciate your taking the time to talk to us today.


1. Deborah, can you tell us a bit about how you became a writer. When did you decide that’s what you wanted to be, and what steps did you take to prepare for a writing career? 

I didn’t necessarily think one day I wanted to be an author, even though I’d been writing since high school. Five years ago, after spending the summer voraciously reading I realized I wanted to try again. 

2. Lucky for us! Were you…

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My Interview With Wetknee Books

I had a great time being interviewed by Wetknee Books. Thoughtful questions, and a fun website, too. Check it out! 🙂

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Sharing my interview with Wetknee Books with those of you who might enjoy it. I thought the questions were very well thought out, and I had a lot of fun trying to stick to the “one paragraph” rule! Ha. (Hey, she never mentioned how LONG the paragraphs could be! 😀 ) Hope you’ll stop by and check it out, and while you’re there, take a look around the rest of the site, and sign up for Anna or Aimee’s Mail List, too.

Wetknee Books Interview With…ME!

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Herb Tower, Chaste Tree, and Weeding!


My little chaste tree has really started to grow this year, popping out with newly formed flower spikes all over the place. It’s fun, watching them turn from whitish buds to lavender blooms the bees just love. I’m really happy I planted this, even though it goes completely bare in the winter. It leafs back out so quickly in spring, and blooms so beautifully, it’s worth it.


You can see the individual purple flowers opening up on these spikes. The color will deepen to a lovely lavender, and the blooms last a long time. And anything that draws bumblebees, honey bees, and butterflies is something I’m sure to love.

Also been experimenting with herb towers this week, made from galvanized tubs and buckets. I love the rustic look of them, and they are so easy to take care of. Plus, they aren’t breakable, something that can be an issue with terra cotta. Now to see if the metal gets too hot for the plant roots in full Florida sun.


I just planted this one yesterday with a cherry tomato in the top bucket, and oregano, ornamental pepper, basil, and thyme in the bottom part. Still room for another herb or two, but I want to put my mints in the shade, so I’ll have to stop by the nursery this weekend. It’s late for buying herbs and the selection is limited, but I’ll find something.


Another view of the tower, in relation to my patio. I could have added a 3rd bucket, but decided the tall tomato and support tower were enough for this one. I’ll post more pictures as the weeks go by. If the metal gets too hot, I’ll have to use this idea for shade loving mints or flowers like impatience. It will be a fun experiment, anyway. Off to weed a long-neglected bed this morning, before the temps hit ninety outside. It’s supposed to be a very hot weekend. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Featured Author Today!

So excited to be a Featured Author today on Evelyn Cullet’s blog!

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Swamp Ghosts_kindle cover_21  WRRcoverreduced60%2

Evelyn Cullet has a very nice post up today, featuring me as her guest author of the week. It even includes some excerpts from both Wake-Robin Ridge, and Swamp Ghosts. Please check it out, and don’t forget to leave a comment.  Evey’s Writers Blog

Thank you, Evelyn, for the opportunity to share my work with you and your readers!

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Bookin’ It News!

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My Dancing Ladies orchid is blooming! No, that’s not really the news I want to talk about, but I’d figured I’d share it, too, just because it’s so beautiful this year. I couldn’t resist.

But what I really want to talk about is the direction this blog it about to take. Yes, I am still going to do book reviews, but due to the fact that writing has taken over such a large portion of my life, I don’t get to read quite as many books as I used to. So I’m planning to branch out a bit, just to give you guys some new and interesting things to look forward to, when I don’t have reviews to offer.

For instance, tomorrow, I will be doing a review combined with a week-long give-away. Those of you who enjoy YA urban fantasy will be interested to know that Aimee Easterling, author…

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And It’s A Wrap!

Woohooo! Big excitement at my house. And now you know where I’ve been for six months! 🙂

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It’s official! I have finished my second novel. The last chapter of Swamp Ghostsis edited and done, and next week, I’ll be formatting the book for Kindle. And if all goes well, the print version will follow just a few weeks after that. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!

Now that I’ve gotten this done, I’m planning to spend some time catching up on my blogs, and a few other things. Coming soon, a couple of author interviews with writers I’ve met over the months, and of course, more book reviews. I’ll also be keeping you guys updated on what’s going on with my books, as well. Of course. 🙂

But for right now, I think I’m just going to relax for the WHOLE WEEKEND. I can’t remember when I did that last! I think I still remember how. Maybe. 😀

You guys have a wonderful weekend…

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Humor at the Speed of Life by Ned Hickson

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My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars 

I’ve been following Ned Hickson’s wonderfulblogfor quite a while now, and if you don’t, you really should. It is one of the funniest blogs out there, if you ask me.  Okay, you didn’t ask me, but I’m volunteering this information, free of charge. Ned Hickson is a funny man. Guess that’s why he also writes a humor column for the Siuslaw News, an Oregon newspaper. If you don’t believe me when I tell you how funny his blog is, check it out for yourself. Or better yet, check out both his blog and his new book, Humor at the Speed of Life, a collection of some of his funniest work.

I love this book! I’ve practically worn it out, reading and reading my favorite columns. I’ve chased my husband around the house and into the garage, reading aloud to him. By…

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Wake-Robin Ridge on Sale!

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For the next five days, Wake-Robin Ridge will be on sale for $1.99. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, don’t miss out! Love and murder in the Blue Ridge Mountains! You’ll want to get to know Sarah and Mac, and find out what secret has kept MacKenzie Cole alone on his mountaintop, with only his Irish wolfhound, Rosheen, for company. Read how, together, they unravel the mystery of what happened to Ruth Winn, who lived in Sarah’s cabin before her.  Romantic Suspense with a touch of spooky. Get your copy today–you know you want to! 

Writers Digest says Ruthie is a strong and interesting character, Lloyd is compelling and psychotic, and Sarah and Mac’s relationship is adorable. 

“What a wonderful story! Funny, sad uplifting,could not put it down.” 5 Stars

“The author has a wonderful command of language.You feel you have been whisked away to the Blue Ridge Mountains.” 5 Stars

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