Sharechair’s suggestion to start a separate page for awards seems to be my best bet for making sure I have a permanent home for any this blog might win.  Thanks once again, SC.  My brain had frozen on trying to make the sidebar work, and I didn’t even stop to think about checking whether or not I can add additional pages on this blog.  I can, happily, so here is my collection of one, haha.  Hope it has some company some day!


Another star from Carolyn of ABC Spirit of Talk.  Thanks, Carolyn!


Jennifer from My Life As A Single Mom nominated me for this one.  Thanks, Jennifer!



2 thoughts on “Awards

  1. That’s great to know. We are RICH with the fun of all this, aren’t we? I love it. The world at our fingertips, all the time, and new friends all over the place. The awards just help us find/meet more and more interesting people.


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