Another Star!

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

Carolyn of ABC of Spirit Talk has just awarded me another Blog of the Year award, which means I can add a new star to the one I got yesterday. Thank you so much, Carolyn.  It’s fun to add to an award like this.  And I appreciate the additional star.  Folks, check out her blog when you get a chance.  You’ll enjoy yourself there.  In keeping with the rules, and because I love to laugh more than anything else in the world, here is probably my very favorite blog of all, for those who haven’t visited there yet:

23 Thorns

23 is just about the funniest blog I’ve ever read.  (I can call him 23, because we are on a first name basis now.  That, and I have no idea what his REAL name might be.)  No matter which of his many posts you click on, you will find yourself laughing throughout.  He is writing a book, and I plan to buy it FOR SURE when it is published.  Check him out!

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