My Daughter & I At Her Wedding

Welcome to my world.  I’m a 68 year old grandmother, living in the sultry humidity of central Florida.  I’m passionate about my granddaughter, reading, gardening, birding & other nature related activities, and having fun with my family and friends.  I’m looking forward to learning how to be a good blogger with interesting and fun posts to read.  In addition to Who’s Your Granny, I have a second blog on WordPress called Bookin’ It, where I do book reviews, discuss cover art, authors, and lots of other book related things.  Hope you’ll check that one out, too.  In the meantime, look around, and have fun!

Bookin’ It


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  1. Nice to meet another Dachshund lover! We have three – two of which we call our Hooligans, need I say more!! I look forward to reading more on your two little babies and their cousins (the cats!) Blessings!


  2. Hi!! So nice to meet you, too. I need to know more about your hooligans. We lost one of our cats this summer, so we are down to 4, plus the dogs. Still too many animals, really, but what can I say? We’re stuck now. We love them, and that’s that. But the vet bills this summer have been pretty awful. It’s over $100 a month just for flea and heartworm prevention. Ack. We need to stop replacing every animal who passes on with TWO more, obviously. Both of my dachsies are mini’s, right at 10 pounds, give or take, and as you can see from the photos, they are smooth-haired. Hope you’ll post more about yours. Feel free to add some photos, too, if you can figure out how to do it in a response. (I’m still working on that one.)

    Stop by when you can. You never know what I’ll be putting up here, and there’s sure to be more on the dogs, plus all the critters that live in the backyard. Birds, next, I think.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Awww, SC! Thanks so much for the nomination. This is the blog that gets the least attention, sadly, when I’m pulled in too many directions at once, but I’m thrilled to be able to post an award on it. I will get going on it tomorrow, for sure. (Tonight, I’m so tired, even my CELLS hurt!) Thanks again! You’ve brightened my evening!


  4. Wow! Two awards in 24 hours? I’m tickled to death! Thanks, Jennifer! I will get it all going tomorrow. (I’m in a “Stupid” right now, due to extreme exhaustion, I think. I’ll be better equipped to check it all out with a reasonably decent night’s sleep. Maybe more than 6 hours for a change.) I appreciate the nomination, and I’m happy that you thought of me. Thanks again!

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  6. Thank you, Carolyn! I appreciate that, and I’ll get it sorted out and set up tomorrow. Gosh. With so many awards at once, maybe I won’t have time for any more blogging? I’ll just be thanking everyone! hahaha


  7. Hey Marcia!

    Just wanted to say thank you for correcting me in my blog post. I get confused and assume that narratives and point of views are the same things as person which is really bad >_<


  8. I was so glad to see your “like” today on my post. I hadn’t heard from you in a while and thought maybe something had happened. Like you won the lottery or had been ferreted out as a Soviet spy. Anyway, I thought I had already “followed” you but apparently not — so I am now. And if you ARE a secret spy, I won’t tell… oh, wait. This is a public post… ooops, sorry 😦


    • Hi, Ned! I’m so happy to see you posting, and it’s great to be missed! How did you know? I won the lottery AND was ferreted out as a Soviet Spy, though really I’m a double agent, but don’t tell. It’s top secret. And you aren’t crazy. You ARE following me, but on my other blog, Bookin’ It. It does my heart good when I see you “like” a post over there, too. I have saved my emails on all of your new posts and plan to catch up soon.

      I’ve been getting ready for a call to fly to San Diego for the birth of my first grandson. My daughter, Erin, pictured above with me at her wedding seven years ago, is officially overdue now, and we are all waiting on tenterhooks for the news that she has gone to the hospital. So I may disappear for another week real soon. But I promise I won’t forget you! (As if.) And I will be tracking your posts as best I can, and commenting on them again soon. You and 23 Thorns are the blogs that keep me going, filling my days with a whole TRUCKLOAD of laughs, which is a good thing. No, a GREAT thing. Thanks for letting me hear from you, and I promise to be back on track giving you a hard time as soon as possible.


      • So great to hear from you, Marcia, and the news about impending birth of your first grandchild! How exciting it’s going to be when…

        … WAIT! Did you hear THAT?! I think her water just broke!

        Seriously, I’m so glad to hear of all the excitement you and your family has going on right now. Oh, and that I’m not going crazy or losing my memory. Or both. Keep me updated, have a wonderful trip, and my very best wishes for you and your (growing) family 🙂


  9. You have a sick and demented sense of humor, you know! It’s great! 😀

    Thank you so much, Ned. We have one granddaughter, almost 8, who was a miracle child no one thought would happen. Took ten years of hard work (snort, laugh, chortle) to create her, and we figured she might be the only one. Then Erin got married and started thinking about a family, and a mere SEVEN years later, it’s about to happen. Now both my son and my daughter (soon) have their miracles, and we are feeling pretty blessed right now. Just praying for a healthy baby and mom after all the shoutin’ (and screaming and cursing and railing against all of Penisdom) is done.

    Oh, and did I say you weren’t crazy? What was I thinking?! Of course you are. But just not about having followed one of my blogs before.


  10. Marcia I love this photo of you and your daughter.. she is lovely and so are you! You have a wonderful smile. I got a bit befuddled because when I clicked on your link yesterday when we were at Sharechair chatting it took me to your other blog. AND then tonight/this morning (I can’t sleep) I clicked and it took me here… such a fun blog. I am going to do some browsing. I am a cat person so seeing cats here is fun. Love your sense of humor. I will check out your other blog later today because I love books… 🙂 I will also be checking out your book to load to my Kindle. You are a very busy interesting lady!


    • Hi, PIx! Nice to see you here. This blog doesn’t get as much TLC lately as it deserves, I’m afraid. I’ve got so many irons in the fire, something has to give, and sometimes (since it’s too hot to garden), Who’s Your Granny slips through the cracks. I need to update my bio, too. (I’m 70 now, and have two grandchildren). My daughter, Erin, IS a lovely person, both inside and out. Thanks for your kind comments on both her behalf and mine. Smiling is good, right? I do I lot of that. When you hit my age, it’s what gets you through the days when your body parts don’t want to cooperate. 😀

      So nice to see you here, and I can’t wait to get to know you better, both here and on Bookin’ It, which is far more active. (I’m trying to make time for both blogs, but I’m writing nearly every day now, sometimes for 8 or 12 hours, so like I say…time is the culprit. There’s never enough of it.)

      Have fun looking around. (Check out the Literary Cats category on Bookin’ It for a look at some of my four kitties. 🙂 )


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