Time To Start Gardening Again!


While much of the country is cold and snowy, here in central Florida, it’s time to begin planting the winter/spring garden, and doing the heavier yard work that you don’t want to tackle in the broiling heat of summer.  Today is sunny, clear, and in the mid-60’s out.  Perfect gardening weather.  Unfortunately, I have some other obligations today, but Saturday, I will be stopping by a nursery on my way to visit friends, and I’m specifically hunting for some lovely blue cabbages.  I used some last year as an edging in one of my beds, and they were gorgeous through winter, spring, and most of the summer.  The deep blue color held up the entire time, and they didn’t shoot up on long, bare stems like some of the pink & green decorative cabbages do.  I’m hoping the weather on Sunday will let me get busy weeding and setting out a few new things, like…blue cabbages!!

In the picture above, you can see a freshly set out blue cabbage (they get much fuller and pretty), and a beautiful little green cabbage with a bright pink center. The blue cabbages all got better and better, bluer and fuller, and very pretty. The green and pink ones gradually turned an all over dusky purple that wasn’t especially pretty.  They also got leggy and ended up sitting on top of  bare stems nearly a foot tall.

I’m also hoping life slows down a bit, and I can find more time for posting on this blog.  That’s one of my goals, especially over the next few months. 


This one started out SO pretty, but didn’t hold up as well.

Do any of you grow decorative cabbages and kales.  If so, which ones have you found to be especially pretty? 

10 thoughts on “Time To Start Gardening Again!

    • Hi, SC! You are one of the people I had in mind when thinking about dandelions in January the other day. I know you are way up there in the frozen north, which for me includes everyone above Atlanta, Georgia!

      This is the BEST time of year in Florida, to me. Even when we get a freeze, it warms back up in a day or so. There are many things that only grow in the winter down here, too, like lettuces or annuals like violas and nasturtiums. The heat does them in, so by the end of April, they are pretty much done. So now is the time for lots of good stuff, and I’m in the mood for gardening and spring cleaning. Okay, just for gardening, but I NEED to get in the mood for the cleaning. I’m, workin’ on it!


  1. Beautiful ! I remember your cabbage/kale from last year. They were beautiful. I also always admire the brickwork in your garden. That’s a pretty globe…


  2. Hi, Felix! Alas, that particular pretty globe got smashed. One of the dogs took a shortcut through that raised bed and knocked over onto the bricks. The “beautiful” bricks. Gorgeous, yes, but very hard on gazing balls. I hope I find some blue cabbages at Simon Seed Saturday morning. Do you want some if I do?


    • Oh no !!! That was a beautiful globe. The dogs were probably chasing a squirrel. Geppetto and Pinocchio did some squirrel chasing. The dogs on the ground and the fast squirrel,on the trees. Jumped on top of the bridge were I was reading and on to other trees. Hilarious. I got a new small coy in the pond. My grandson Alexander got it for me. I named it, Molly The apprentice. ha ha…


      • Hahaha. I love it. A long as your Molly Koi doesn’t start chasing any Harry Dresden Koi. No, no, no! Only MURPHY koi can chase Harry Dresden Koi. Molly & Harry is just creepy. Molly is a good koi name. Also a good CAT name, as one of mine is Molly.

        Yeah, that was one of my favorite gazing balls. I was NOT happy. Those dang dogs. Yes, they were chasing squirrels everywhere, like mad things, when I heard the crash, and looked over to see the globe smashed, and both dogs looking at me in total innocence. “I didn’t do it. I don’t know what happened.” “It wasn’t ME, either. Honest.”

        Steenkin’ little sausaged devil dogs!


    • Hi, Aurora! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, there are some really true blue ones, and these got very full and beautiful as they grew. But I haven’t been able to find them this year. 😦 I’m still looking! Will take more photos if I ever find them again.


      • Please do, they’re gorgeous and here in my country I don’t think they exist…the only blue thing I got to see recently in the “green realm” were some really beautiful blue orchids!


  3. What country are living in, Aurora? Maybe you can find seeds for the cabbages, through a catalog? I’m going to try that next if I don’t find them at my local nurseries. Good luck!


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