Winter On A Florida River


Perfect Weather!

Cool Enough For Comfort, Warm Enough For Basking Alligators

My daughter (who is seven months pregnant with her first baby) and her husband were here for four days last week, on a trip from San Diego.  They are planning a possible move back to the east coast from San Diego after the baby is born, and in addition to visiting with family, are spending some time in Savannah and Charleston, the two cities they are most interested in moving to.  When visiting home, Erin always likes to do as much “Florida” stuff as she can, and this time around, that included an Eco-Tour on the St. John’s River.  The weather was perfect, and the birds and alligators were everywhere.  We saw at least three mama gators with babies piled all over the place, in addition to at least two males in the 12 foot range.  I actually think one of them was larger than that.  It was a whopper!  Highlights of the day included several purple gallinules, a yellow-crowned night heron, wood storks, sandhill cranes, and a very hungry manatee, busily feeding on shoreline vegetation.  This is why people come to Florida in the winter.  Well, and the beaches, of course.  But for many, a peaceful, two hour glide down a Florida river can’t be beat.


Daughter and Hubby, Just Before Embarking On Our Tour


Erin, Busy Doing What She Loves

(This was one of the Mamas, though you can’t see the babies in the photo).


Purple Gallinule

(Photo Found Online)

When Erin sends me some of the really good pictures she took with her various zoom lenses, I’ll share some with you.  These are just iPhone snapshots and an online pic of the gallinule, but they’re all I have right now.  Hope you enjoy seeing what MY world looks like in January.

4 thoughts on “Winter On A Florida River

    • I was thinking of you when I posted these pics, Sue. I know you can’t see any green right now, except in your wonderful conservatory, but we still have some. There ARE bare trees scattered all over, and much of the heavier undergrowth and vines are gone, but comparatively speaking…we’re pretty green. And you can see by how my daughter is dressed, it sure wasn’t cold. (She DID have a light jacket along, as she chills easily, but I didn’t. I don’t even own one.) Birding in Florida is terrific in the winter, and the day after this trip, we went to Merritt Island Wildlife refuge for a fantastic day. Saw tons of good birds, including roseate spoonbills. A great time was had by all.


  1. Nice pictures of Erin and the hubby. I’m glad you all had a good time. The grass is green here and growing. The horses like it. Birds a everywhere. Geppetto killed one,yesterday. I think it was a very young yellow warbler. Red cardinals on our back porch. Our neighbour’s red bud tree is in bloom. One of my plum trees is starting to bloom as well as my azalea bush. Crazy, it is January. Going to Miami on Saturday,with Jeremy ,to pick up a generator. My cousin is giving it to me, for emergency. See you on the 26.


  2. Hi, Felix! Yeah, my azaleas think it’s spring already, too. And I noticed a ton of maple trees leafing out already on the river Friday. I know we will get a freeze before this winter is over, so I’m worried about all the plants that have been fooled into leafing out or blooming. Good luck on your trip to Miami. A generator is good insurance against ever needing one. We got one in 2004, when 3 of 4 Florida hurricanes went right over us and we lost power several times. So far, it hasn’t happened again. My rule of thumb…if you are prepared for it, it will never happen. Yep, see you on the 26th. Can’t wait.


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