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February In Central Florida


Pink Firespike  (Odontonema strictum)

Photo Taken Half Hour Ago Near My Patio

(Notice very blue sky, and hot, hot sunlight)

I was just watching the news today, and saw the images of the awful blizzard that struck the northeastern part of the country yesterday and over night.  My heart goes out to those without power, and who have suffered damages from the storm. I have to say, it seems surreal to be sitting at the table in my shorts and t–shirt, watching the news and trying to imagine how cold it must be up there. The local weather came on immediately afterward and promised that we will have 84 degree temps by Monday.  It’s a mere 74 degrees right now, so that’s a ten degree hike in the next day and a half. Frankly, 84 degrees is too hot to suit me, but it’s better than digging out from under a five foot pile of snow, I know, so I’m not going to complain.

I’m actually working in the garden today, pruning back roses that are trying to send up new growth already, and weeding things that normally would die over the winter, but haven’t this year, since we haven’t had a freeze yet.  Even my firespike is blooming for the first time in three years.  It’s really too tropical for here, and normally freezes right before the buds open every year.  Go figger!

Ain’t life strange?  I’m sweating, those folks up north are freezing, and still, things go on, for better or worse. It’s left to us to just play the hand we’re dealt, I reckon.  So, with that thought in mind, break’s over, and it’s back to the garden for me.

Dandelions and Mosquitoes…in January!



Today, as my husband and I left Steak N Shake after our decadent Frisco Melt sandwiches (we are SUCH gourmands!), he noticed dandelions blooming in the parking lot.  In January!  And yesterday, as he was taking down our Christmas lights (finally), he was swatting mosquitoes. Yep. In January.  After reading several blogs from more northern climes lately, I realized what a cool thing this is. Cool, as in neat, fun, and amazing, as opposed to cool, as in snowy, icy, or ten degrees below zero.  Just one more aspect of winter in central Florida.  Now whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on your preferences, I reckon.

Me, I love cooler weather, and I really don’t want to be wearing shorts in January.  BUT. I also don’t want to be shoveling six feet of snow off of my car, and sliding down icy stair steps every time I leave my house.  So, I’m going to go with the whole “bloom where you’re planted” thing and revel in the many blessings surrounding me in this part of the country.  Hope you are able to do the same, no matter where you live.  In other words, if you find a dandelion in winter, make a wish.  And when Life gives you snow…BUILD SNOWMEN!!




No Ice On My Citrus…Yet!

It’s a bit nippy out today, for this part of the world.  Temps went down into the low 40’s last night, and are not expected out of the 60’s today.  That’s actually my idea of perfect weather.  Cool enough to feel really good to me, but not so cold as to kill my plants, many of which can’t take anything in the mid-30’s, much less a hard freeze.  I can see some leaf damage on things like my firespike and the banana plants, but nothing is dead so far, and of course, temps will be back up into the 70’s by tomorrow.  That’s how it will be most of the winter, I imagine.  Highs in the mid 70’s to low 80’s, and low’s in the 60’s most of the time, with the occasional day or two of near-freezing temps, followed by an immediate warm up.  And at some point, we will probably have at least one or two nights that put ice in the birdbaths and leave local oranges looking like those above.

The good news is, the cold isn’t unrelenting and miserable for weeks on end.  The bad news is, you never know quite what to expect.  One day you are wearing shorts, the next, earmuffs. Then it’s back to shorts again.  That’s winter in central Florida.

Hope those of you in colder climes are keeping warm and building snowmen.  Or at least your kids are!  And here’s to a Happy and Prosperous New Year for all!