Gardening Weather Is Here!

Belinda's Dream Shrub Rose

Belinda’s Dream Is The Only Thing Blooming in My Yard Right Now
(Photo taken last spring)

Wooohooooo…the best thing about living in Florida is being able to garden all winter. The worst thing is NOT being able to garden all summer! (At least I can’t, that’s for sure.) I have a ton of clean-up still to do, due to having neglected my yard for over 6 months. What a mess! Everything that isn’t dead is leggy, scrawny, and in dire need of TLC. Part of my plan for 2014 includes gardening a certain number of hours every week, until it all looks good again. I miss my retreat!

What’s happening in your part of the country? Still buried under snow? Weather warming any? Or is the worst still ahead? We often get hard freezes in January & February that last a day or possibly two, but as long as I plant winter hardy annuals like pansies, violas, and petunias, they’ll make it through. I won’t set out anything too tropical until later in the spring.

Those of you who live in the still-frozen areas…are you planning your gardens yet? Making up lists of seeds or new plants? Diagramming your beds? Or do you wait for the weather to warm and wing it?

2 thoughts on “Gardening Weather Is Here!

  1. I can’t believe it! The frozen northland is well and truly frozen!! Although we are enjoying the sunny warmth of No. CA, we arrive back in MN on a day when the high temp is forecasted to be -8 F!!


  2. Hi, Sue! I know…I’ve been watching your photos come through my email, and marveling at all the snow. (I particularly liked the pictures of the coyote. He was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.) I’m wearing shorts as I type this, and the a/c is on, though they are saying it’s going down int he 40’s tonight and will be cool tomorrow. Still, it’s all relative. Cool means around 60, probably, since they aren’t talking a freeze or anything. And that’s great weather for working outside. I love winter time gardening. My azaleas have been confused, though. They started blooming mid-December, which is 2 months early, and boy, did they clash with my Christmas lights! Ha!

    Stay warm!


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