Can’t Wait!

Pile of Pumpkins

It’s PUMPKIN Time!

The weather is cooling…okay, maybe not cooling, really, but the heat wave is breaking. A bit. My cataract surgery is done and my eye healing well enough that I can risk dirt or debris being blown about, and the two together mean, I can start gardening again. I’m heading to Destin on Saturday (a 7 hour drive, eeek) to see my grandson, the adorable Kaelen Lake, and when I get back, I’m expecting to weed and prune like a thing possessed, and to start planting some new fall and winter goodies in my beds.

It seems like a very long time since my garden has looked good. Oh, wait. It HAS BEEN a very long time since my garden looked good. Hence the lack of posts and photos. But I’ve got both of my new books up and published on Kindle, and one nearly ready to go to print, so I’m somewhat caught up on my writing. It should be easier to find time each day to do a bit of yard work, and I’m soooo looking forward to it. Don’t you miss it when you can’t garden?

It’s nearly time for fall migrants and winter visitors to start showing up at my feeders, too, for a bit of extra color and interest. Things are happening! Life is moving on, in spite of some of the troubles in the country today. And if you look around you with an open heart and mind, you can still find the Magic in the every day world.

Magic is good. 🙂 (Almost as good as an ear kiss!)


Dancing With Wieners Star Maksim Hotdogski, and The Phantom’s Sir Hairy Potter of Sanford
Alias Maks & Potter

Wake-Robin Ridge

Summer Magic

2 thoughts on “Can’t Wait!

  1. I LOVE pumpkins, autumn, colored maple leaves… what a great time of year this is and what a lovely post this was to read. 🙂

    No problem clicking through via your profile, good to know in case the same issues come up via Reader that I already mentioned. Let’s keep in touch re: our books! 😉

    Happy Week, G

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    • Hi, Geraldine! Lovely to see you here, as well as on Bookin’ It. This poor blog has been neglected a wee bit lately, but I’m about to remedy that. Yes, fall is my favorite time of year, even down here in Florida, where we don’t get all the best aspects of it. And don’t even get me started on pumpkins. I have a real thing for them. They are just so…so…SO ORANGE! And round and fat and full and perfect! Here is a bit of description from one of the chapters in Wake-Robin Ridge that kind of sums up my love of them at Halloween, too:

      “EVERLY’S WAS UNDER siege . Jack-O-Lanterns of all shapes and sizes filled every available inch of space in front of the general store. They grinned with wicked delight from hay bales, benches, and old, wooden wagons. They lined each side of the wide stairs going up to the front porch. Enormous orange ones sat on every rocking chair. Little white ones perched on the porch railing, from one end to the other . And every one was brightly lit, even at 11: 00 in the morning . They glowed fiercely, laughing with snaggle -toothed glee, or scowling from under beetled brows. Some had round mouths opened wide in silent screams, and others snarled with ferocious menace, beastly fangs bared.”

      Yes, let’s do keep in touch. I love to meet other writers, especially if they write and/or enjoy poetry. I just finished reading my current book tonight, and I plan to start yours tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


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