Okay, How Cute Is This?

Sorry. It rained all day today, so no garden pics. But the Granny in me just has to share this picture my daughter sent me of my little grandson, Kaelen. I can’t wait to get up there Saturday and hold this little ba-boo! He’s just so sweet! 



Now, tell me honestly…is this  the most disgustingly self-indulgent post you’ve seen anywhere, all day? I’ll admit it. But I just couldn’t help myself!


7 thoughts on “Okay, How Cute Is This?

    • Thanks, Geraldine. This is my little McMuffin. I’ve only met him once, the week he was born, in San Diego. Now my daughter & family have moved to Destin, up in the Florida panhandle, I’m going up there Saturday to spend some time with them and get in as many good cuddles as I can. He’s almost 6 months old already, and I’ve been watching him grow up via the miracle of Skype. What a blessing that has been!


  1. He is adorable. I am a proud and thankful ‘granny’ too. I have two grown girls with two children each, two older grandchildren, twins, (boy and girl) age 20 from my oldest daughter, and two young grandchildren, a boy and girl, aged 5 and (almost) 3, from my youngest daughter. There is nothing I like better than the time spent with my family, (been married for over 47 yrs.) with writing and reading a close second, 🙂 Happy grand-mothering and writing to you, also.


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