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Okay, on the off chance that I get more awards, and since I can’t make my sidebar display any pictures of them…gah!!!…I’m resorting to a post under the Category of “Awards” and I will keep my new one there, and any future ones that Who’s Your Granny might win.  It’s the only thing I know how to do for now.  At least I can click on the Awards category and see them there.  (Notice how optimistic I am about getting more some day??  Hehehe.)

Who’s Your Granny’s first award:


10 thoughts on “Awards List

  1. Well, usually I like them in the sidebar, so they show to new visitors, too. (I say usually as though I have received dozens of them, hahaha, instead of just 3). But the weird thing is, even when I did a screen shot and saved the badge as a brand new .jpg with a totally different name, it remains invisible. Now I hadn’t tried sidebar images on this blog, so I tried it on Bookin’ It, exactly as I did the {Booker} award and the “Most Inspiring Blog” award, both of which worked fine, and this one is still invisible. Plus, when I check, my NEW .jpg had reverted back to the same name as the old one, which makes me feel it is something embedded in the original. I like your idea of an award page. Bookin’ It will not support new pages, but I think this template will. Gonna check that out right now. Thanks for the idea!


  2. Congratulations!
    For images in sidebar, did you try using the image widget? I have been able to post images through that. You would need to upload the image in your media gallery and then use that link on the widget. You can specify the width and height as well. Try 256 X 192 dimensions.


  3. Thanks, Ashima. That’s how I do it on my other blog, Bookin’ It, but it doesn’t work on this one. They are different templates, and sometimes the creator of the template hasn’t set things up to do the same things. I just can’t get that one picture to show up, even when I resave it under a different name. It’s weird. I appreciate your suggestion, though.


  4. Congratulations on your award – I think you have a nice problem here, too many awards!! You deserve them. 🙂 Christmas blessings to you! Patty


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