Road Trip Miracles September 15, 2012

For years, I’ve played a little game whenever I start out on a road trip.  I consciously look for omens, which I like to think of as little miracles, to cheer me on the way.  Once I’ve seen one, I always feel like it’s a personal message from my own guardian angel that I will travel safely on my journey and back home again.  My husband scoffs, but I don’t care.  My little miracles make me feel good, so for that reason, I believe in them completely.  I’ll GET there, and BACK, darn it!  That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it.

Today, I headed out to Leesburg to visit my good friend, Nicki, and I started looking for my little Road Trip Miracles as soon as I pulled out of my driveway.  And guess what?  I didn’t make it half a mile before I saw my first one.  The coolest rainbow, EVER.  It spread from horizon to horizon, but was very low lying, in a way I’ve never seen before.  The closest picture I could find online is this one, which gives you an idea of how low and wide it was.

low-lying rainbow

Low-lying Rainbow

Of course, the rainbow I saw was visible from end to end, almost, and it wasn’t a double like this one.  But I just couldn’t get over how low on the horizon it was.  Now I ask you…is that not a miracle made visible?  Any rainbow makes me smile, and one as unusual as this morning’s made me feel good all over.

As good as it was, the rainbow was not the only treat in store for me this morning.  As I headed west on Hwy 46, just a few miles past the busy I-4 intersection, I spotted a flock of about 15 wild turkeys right on the side of the road, grazing in the grass.  I just love wild turkeys.  They are such interesting birds, and so clever.  (Unlike their farm-raised cousins that end up on our Thanksgiving tables.)  The flock looked very like this one.

flock of wild turkeys

Wild Turkeys Along Side of Road

And lo and behold, about another mile down Hwy 46, I spotted yet another flock of turkeys, this time, with half grown young mixed in.  The young birds looked very much like the one in this photo.  I wish I had been able to stop and take my own pictures, but there was too much traffic and nowhere to pull over that wouldn’t have scared the birds away, anyhow.  The funny thing is, on the way home tonight, I spotted what looked like the same family group in the same place.  Yeah, another Road Trip Miracle, for sure.

Young Wild Turkey

Young Wild Turkey

And two weeks ago, on our way to Gainesville to pick up my 7-year old granddaughter for the weekend, I finally, after more than 30 years of looking and hoping, saw my first Florida black bear along the roadside on Hwy 19, just south of Hwy 40.  Now I know there are lots and lots of black bears in these parts.  People see them all the time.  A friend of mine who lives in the Ocala forest area has trouble keeping them out of her bird feeders and ponds.  But for some reason, I have hiked MILES of Florida trails for years, and never spotted one.  I was so excited to see a young, maybe half grown, bear standing next to the woods, I almost ran the car off the road.  I couldn’t get a picture of him, but I promise you, he looked just like this.

young Florida black bear

Young Florida Black Bear

Now I know that many might think that while it’s nice to see some wildlife and rainbows here and there, there’s no reason to consider them miracles.  And it’s okay if they prefer to view it that way.  But for myself, I like to think that there are miracles all around us every day, if we just open our eyes and look for them.  I try to do that regularly,  but never with more vigor than when I’m starting out on a road trip.

Hope you remember to look for some Road Trip Miracles the next time you head out on the highway.  It makes the journey a lot more fun!

4 thoughts on “Road Trip Miracles September 15, 2012

  1. Thanks for sharing your post. My parents live 45mins away from me; I live in the city, they live in the country. On my way there and back I see a lot of deer, which is always nice. I always slow the car down, if there’s no one behind me, and point it out to my 2 yr old daughter. I’m not sure if she’s as thrilled as I am about seeing a deer. Maybe when she’s a few years older.


  2. Don’t give up on her, Jennifer. I raised my kids to be birdwatchers and nature lovers, and a lot of it stuck with my son. My daughter, was the big surprise. She wasn’t all that interested when younger, but is now an ARDENT birdwatcher, hiker, and photographer of wild things and places.

    I think teaching kids about wildlife, nature, and animals is a wonderful way to help them connect with the world in a meaningful fashion. And they learn so much from pets, too. Your daughter will realize as she grows older that the world is a beautiful and interesting place, and it might be an interest the two of you will always share.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.


  3. Those little miracles are kisses from God! Every time I receive I say “I have been kissed by God” – keeping looking for those miracles, they are all around us!! Blessings – Patty


  4. We have so many more blessings each day than we are aware of, don’t we, Patty? It’s a good idea, I think, to be consciously looking for them. And nature-related miracles work for all of us, regardless of our personal beliefs. I think we need these moments of beauty to ponder even more when the whole world seems to be upside down. Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great day.

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