2 thoughts on “Crabbing About Crabgrass?

  1. Old Dave is definitely on to something. We had crabgrass for years. Dug up the whole yard. No crabgrass for two years. Now its coming back. He’s right it can grow on anything.

    Please check out our family blog: http://www.Cop-A-Squat.com Today’s post: SOMEWHERE IN THE DARK. I see by your bio you have a few dogs. We have a heartfelt post about my old dog Rex and a cute short short story titled, “DOGGONE.”

    Paul Worthington


  2. Hi, Paul! Thanks for stopping by. Yep…Dave knows his stuff. You obviously need to consider the nuclear option, now.

    I will definitely check out your blog, and again, I appreciate your visiting here. Hope to “see” more of you!

    Marcia (alias Granny)

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