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More Tree Disaster Pictures!

Here are a few more pictures taken on Day 1 and 2, before it got REALLY bad. 

This log section Mark is sitting on is 5 feet wide, believe it or not.  The one his cup is on measures right at 4 feet.  His chainsaw is 18 inches.
Eeep. Does he look discouraged? 

This was later on Day 1 or early Day 2.

This is our driveway.  No, really. It’s under there.  This was Day 2. It got worse.

This is the beginning of the debris pile in our side yard.  It ended up measuring 8′ tall, 10′ deep, and 30′ long!!!!!

This is the beginning of the mess in our side yard, the end of day 1. 

By day 5, I couldn’t even go out there without crying, so there are no more pictures.

The fact that these guys gave us a price we could actually scrape together (not that we could afford) was a miracle.  But as I said, miracles don’t come cheap. We knew we would have to do some of the work ourselves, but they really left us in the lurch.  However, we are young and strong and determined.  (Okay, we are really just one of those things.  I’ll let you figure it out.) And we WILL PREVAIL!!!