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Goldfinches Everywhere!


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Today, there are at least 15 goldfinches at my feeder, with at least one male in nearly perfect breeding plumage!  I’ve mentioned before that I try to look for miracles every day.  For me, this is one.  How much beauty is packed into such small packages!  They brighten my garden, my view from my library window, and my heart!  Wishing each of you a beautiful miracle today, too.  They are there, if you keep your eyes open!

They’re Baaaa-aaaaack!


American Goldfinches

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The goldfinches and Threeps, of course!  Didn’t have a large showing of fall migrants this year, for some reason. (Maybe because we had almost no fall.) But now that we are in spring mode, things are picking up.  Sunday, I spotted the first American goldfinches at my feeders.  My two were still in winter plumage, looking pretty drab when you think of how they will look in another few weeks.  But I’m happy to see them.

And as for the Threeps…okay, really they are Great Crested Flycatchers…they made themselves known this past weekend, too, by announcing their presences from the treetops all day long.  “Threep.  Threep. Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!” It has become one of my favorite sounds in the garden, and if I watch closely, I will see them swoop out from a handy tree branch to snatch flying insects out of the air, then return to the tree to devour them.  Hence the name “flycatcher.”


Great Crested Flycatcher

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Flycatchers in general, are fairly drab brownish gray birds, but the Great Crested flycatcher is actually quite handsome, with a wash of lemon yellow on the belly and rust colored patches on the wings and tail. He has just enough of a crest  to give his head a shaggy, slightly over-large look.  I love that this bird will be with me all summer long, and will probably nest in my oaks, though I’ll likely not see where. Maybe I’ll put up a box this year.   These guys will use them, if they are hung to their specifications, and at least I’d see where they were raising their young.

Are you seeing any spring migrants yet in your yard?

To hear the calls and songs of these two birds, click the links below:

(Scroll down to button that says “Typical Voice”)

American Goldfinch:  http://birdweb.org/birdweb/bird/american_goldfinch

(Scroll down to the last recording to hear the “Threep!” call.)

Great Crested Flycatcher:  http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/great_crested_flycatcher/sounds

All photos found online.