Christmas Quote #8 – Nursery Rhyme

It’s that time of year again, and I’m up to my eyeballs in Christmas decorations and boxes of lights. How about at your house?

Bookin' It


Christmas is coming,
The goose is getting fat
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny,
A ha’penny will do
If you haven’t got a ha’penny,
Then God bless you! 

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Quote #8 – Nursery Rhyme

    • A few days? Hey, mine stay up from the Friday after Thanksgiving until well after the first. If I’m waiting for Erin to come home for the holidays, they can be up until mid-January, though that may be a thing of the past now that she’s back in Florida. I’m expecting her, Kaelen, and Tabitha for the weekend before Christmas. TWO grandkids in my house at the same time! (She’s going to stop by Jason’s and pick Tabitha up on the way). How wonderful is THAT!!! It will be insanity around here, with Tabby racing around helping Granny finish decorating, and the baby gurgling and crying, and Maks barking non-stop, and Christmas carols playing all day. I’m going to LOVE it!

      I will let you be the Bah Humbug Guy. I’m the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present, and Future! Nothing makes me happier. (Except seeing my book in print, finally!)


  1. Is this an official invitation? Because you KNOW how much I love roast pig…especially the tail! *snort* Seriously, are you doing it this year? And looking for extra guests? Because if you really are, we would LOVE to come! It’s always so much fun, and muy delicioso! I have some plants and seeds for you, too, and have been hoping to get over to see you, but you know how this fall has gone. One thing after another. But if you have a full table already, not to worry. Mark and I will do a small pork roast and black-eyed peas, instead…Hoppin’ John. And I’ll come see you another time. It’s all good, either way, mi amigo! (Don’t you love it when I’m bilingual, even if I’m not sure of the spelling?)

    BTW, I’m getting much more comfortable about driving now. I am learning how to cope with the eye issue, and have discovered that with really dark sunglasses, I don’t see the big-A** blobby floater so much. Hardly. Okay, some, but I can see through it now, which I couldn’t before.


      • Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Roast pig at Felix’s house!! Good food, great company…what better way to start off the new year? I will ask Nicki if she’s available. Thank you for the invitation, and I can’t wait to see you.guys!


        • Great !
          I just got off the phone with a tech. for over 2 hours but we got the problem solved. I can send e mail again. I am also using google chrome. They said to use google chrome or firefox. Explorer is becoming absolete and can not compete with others. They said Explorer is causing many weird stuff. My problem seems to be that I went from Mcaffe to Norton and Mcaffe was not totally removed and was causing the problem. We uninstalled it using an uninstall tool.
          All fix. Thank God. and the kid on the phone. he was so patient working with this dummy of technical stuff. Just wanted to let you know. I also lost all the wight that I gained from Thanksgiving and plus. I now weight 183.0 I am so happy, I’m nearing my goal.


  2. I’m really, really glad you got the problem solved, Felix. Computers! When they work, they are the best things EVER. But when they don’t, oh, what a headache!! Firefox is my favorite browser, ever. Unfortunately, something corrupted my last installation of it, and now I can’t reinstall. It will not let me put the newest version on my computer. I use Chrome when I can, but Chrome won’t let me set it as default. So when I go online normally, I click on Chrome to get there. But when I get an email from one of my blogs, if I click on the link in the email, it launches Explorer. I HATE Explorer. Your tech is right. It is full of glitches and slower than molasses! Grrrrrr. Good for you with your weight, too. You are an inspiration, for sure!


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