Where In The Heck Have I Been?


Love At First Sight

I know I said I was coming back and getting caught up, but alas. Life sometimes has other plans. I developed a vision issue with my just-operated on eye, as a result of a “floater” tearing loose and parking itself directly over my pupil. It has caused me no end of problems, and in the middle of trying to ascertain just how compromised my vision was going to be (a lot, apparently, and it’s the only eye I use), my mother had a terrible fall at the nursing home. She shattered her hip and broke her wrist, and had to have hip replacement surgery. She’s nearly 90, and though the surgery itself went well, she didn’t wake up for days afterward. When she did wake up, she was just starting to make a little bit of progress when she had to undergo another procedure due to a lung problem. The bottom line is, for a month, I’ve either been away from home, at eye clinics daily, or sitting in a hospital room for long, long hours.

The good news is, my mother has been released finally, and is back in her own room at the home, surrounded by her personal art and knickknacks and stuff she loves, and surrounded also by a lot of people who care about her. She has made many friends there who spend lots of time with her, which means I don’t have to be there every day now. She will be starting at least a bit of rehab next week, though the prognosis for walking again is pretty bad. My hope is that she will be able to sit up in a wheelchair and be mobile in that way, rather than bedridden, which she is now. But she’s very weak and we will just have to wait and see. She also suffers from some mental confusion now that was not an issue before her nearly 3-week long ordeal. That may or may not be permanent, according to the doctor. 

I’m happy she’s back where she belongs, and hoping she makes a better than expected recovery, but I’m realistic, too, and know she is fragile. 

I’m adjusting to life with less than perfect vision, and telling myself it could be much worse. And I’m thinking it is time to get back to my blogs, my garden, and my family again. Yep, I’m plenty tired after all of this. It has been very stressful. But I’m not going to complain, because I’m still here, and I am surrounded by blessings galore, including those two in the picture at the top of this post. That’s my eight-year-old granddaughter, Tabitha, and my 7-month-old grandson, Kaelen, and they are just the biggest blessings of all! Now that my daughter is back in Florida, I expect to be able to enjoy Kaelen on a regular basis. And hopefully, I’ll get to see a bit more of Tabitha than usual, too. It’s just hard to work out the timing for visits when they are in school. But there’s Skype, and email, and Facebook, and I’ll be enjoying them every way I can.

Hope all of you are well, and I promise to try to get some good autumn posts up here before it’s all done and over with!



12 thoughts on “Where In The Heck Have I Been?

    • Thanks, Sue! I’m so far behind on my blog reading, but I always see your photos when they come through in my email, and take a quick glance when I can. You’ve captured some great things lately!

      Yep, one day at a time is all any of us can do, no matter what we tell ourselves. And if we really throw ourselves into it with reckless abandon, one day at a time is all we can handle, anyway! 🙂 Nice to see you here.


  1. Stress in life is something we can’t avoid, in it’s many forms. For me, coping with a long-term, stressful living situation that continues here, 😦 finding some balance has been my salvation. Allowing myself time outs, to just relax, do nothing if I want to, rant if I need to…it took me a while, but I’ve learned to cope a lot better with the “fast balls and curves” that life seems to be so quick to throw us, at times.

    Sounds like things are settling down there a bit, I’m glad for you and your mom too. 🙂


    • Sorry I missed your post, Geraldine. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I agree, finding balance is everything. That’s what I’m working on now. It just takes a lot of deep breaths and time outs, as you say! Have a great day!!


      • Marica, On another topic, I forgot to mention, I am featuring an excerpt from your Haiku Reflections review on the back cover of my new Haiku Reflections II. I’ve included excerpts from 4 authors. Thought you’d like to know. 😉

        Hope your CreateSpace work is going well.

        I had ONE SPACE I needed to take out this morning, otherwise, I could have approved it!!! Drat!!! But they are PDQ with the review process so hopefully, that’s the final before it goes live.

        Hope you’re having a good day in Florida.

        BFN, G


      • Thanks for letting me know, Geraldine. I’m glad you were able to find something in the review you wanted to use. You know, I should have done a bit of that on my WRR cover, as well, or added an extra page inside for quotes. I didn’t even think of it! I guess when I finish Swamp Wars, I’ll add a WRR page of review inside it.

        And my book cleared their perusal and I’m ready to order a proof. I wanted to do that today, but I’m waiting to hear back from my cover designer. They made one comment on “flattening” something in the .jpg for the cover, and I think I know what they meant, and it will be fine, but I wanted to clear with her before I ordered the proof.

        Good luck with getting your book out there! I’ll be keeping an eye out for news. And don’t worry about my name. I’ve seen (and heard) it messed up much worse. 🙂


  2. Hi Marcia, just wanted to give you a cyber (((hug))) and say I found this blog after reaching your other blog, reading ‘Who’s Your Granny” laughing and thinking, I need to go see this funny granny. Your grandbabes are gorgeous.

    My own mother has dementia, and a leg that is held together with bolts and screws, and she also needs 24/7 care, but she can still get up and walk a little bit which makes her feel good. I pray your mom will be able to walk again, even if it’s just a little bit.

    Thanks for liking my post. 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I’m really glad you stopped by, and I appreciate your well wishes. Hope you’ll stop back often, as I try to get caught up. You never know what crazy, or beautiful, thing I’ll be posting about here. Just saw my mother this morning. This is the first time in two weeks she’s been awake. She seems to have sort of given up, but today, they were able to get her into a mobile recliner and take her to the therapy room (for a change of scenery) and work with her broken arm a bit. She feel asleep before they were done, sadly. I have no idea how she will fare in the weeks ahead, but I’m hopeful she’ll at least try.

      I’m sending you loads of positive thoughts and prayers for your mom, too. It has to be so difficult to deal with someone with dementia. When my mother does wake up, she knows who we are, but not necessarlly “WHEN” we are. (She thought I was still a young girl living in my own apartment the other day. I’m wondering if her eyes have been affected, too, smile.) Her mind works okay at times, and at others, not so much. But as children, we just have to do the best we can for them.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and to comment. And good luck with your mom!


  3. Oh. dear! What a month for you! I have floaters that are interesting when I am trying to read–but I never knew they might have to be removed surgically. And then that your vision would be affected–gosh darn. Yikes, your poor mama–glad she is making progress–no doubt due to your love and visits.


    • Hi, Alice. Yes, I had the more typical types of floaters for years…the little black dots you can never catch up to. But this one is very different. Larger, and it stays right in the center of my vision. It’s like a big glob of Vaseline. Eeek. There is only one surgical process and it is not recommended unless your floaters have nearly blinded you. It is called a vitrectomy, and involves lifting the conjunctiva and suctioning out ALL of the vitreous humor (the gel between the eyeball and the conjunctiva, and replacing it with a saline solution. It is very, very high risk, and can result in permanent blindness. I figure blurry vision is better than NO vision, so I’m not thinking of doing it at this point.

      My mother has weakened steadily, I’m afraid, and no longer wants to wake up when I visit. I think she has given up. The whole ordeal has been too much for her at her age, and in her poor health. When she does wake up, she can be clearheaded briefly, and then she’s all mixed up. She can no longer enjoy tv or books. It seems a very sad way to end a long life, but I still try to be hopeful that she’ll make a turn around. I’m just not expecting it, I’m afraid.

      Yeah, a tough month…well, six weeks or so now, really. But I’m still here. And I can still do the things I love. And my kids and grandkids are doing well, so I consider myself very, very lucky. And now I’m doing Christmas. My over-the-top, all-out, house and yard extravaganza! Hahaha. Think The Griswalds! *snort* Okay, not quite that bad, but I really do quite a bit inside the house, and a fair amount outside, too. I figure I only have so many more Christmases where I’ll have the energy, so I’m going all out once again. Next year, I’ll worry about whether or not I’m ready to downsize it.

      Happy Holidays, Alice! Thanks for stopping by!


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