Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Make All The Difference!

Like finding exactly the right planter for your new rose, and it turns out to be bargain-priced, too! Doesn’t that just make you happy? Or am I just easily pleased?  Either way, I really like how my new Coral Drift rose looks in my heavy, clay planter that I found for only $17 at Home Depot. I’m a happy camper, now! (BTW, it’s larger than it looks. Nearly 2 feet long. This isn’t a miniature rose. Low-growing and with small flowers, but not a mini.)


What little things make YOU happy? In the garden or anywhere else?

10 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Make All The Difference!

    • Hi, Kathy! First, I probably misled you on the size. The planter IS about 2 feet long, and about twelve inches high. And the rose is not a miniature. But it is a very low-growing rose, designed to be used as a ground cover. It only gets maybe 18″ high or so, but spread about 3 feet across. I don’t grow these Drift roses in the ground here, because they are prone to black spot, which is always a problem in our humidity, and I think they do better elevated, so air can circulate more freely. The dryer they stay, the better. The rose won’t get too much taller than it is right now, but it will spread out over all the sides of the planter, and get much thicker.

      As to roses being difficult…I think the answer is yes and no. In Florida, they can be really tricky. Again, the humidity is a bad problem for them here, and hybrid tea roses often need spraying very frequently. In other parts of the country, this isn’t so much of a problem. I think in general, they are heavy feeders, and they need watering often during hot weather. But on the plus side, they are really forgiving, in that when you realize they are looking awful, you can usually cut them back, feed them up, and they will bounce back like crazy.

      If you want to try one or two to see how they do, ask your local nursery for a variety that loves your climate and that is user-friendly. I would not buy from a Big Box store, because they often ship the same varieties all over the place, with little regard for whether they are appropriate in a given area. I remember when I lived in Pittsburgh, Blaze climbing roses were everywhere. Some houses had them all the way up to the second story! They were glorious, and seemed to like the weather there. Also, an old-fashioned pink rose that was really pretty seemed to be very carefree. I believe it was called Seven Sisters, and it had clusters of small pink flowers. It had a mounding habit and made big clumps on hillsides behind abandoned houses in the country, so I’m guessing it would be easy.

      A bit of research for your area would save you a lot of time and trouble by making sure you picked roses likely to do well. And one more thing. They need SUN. At least six to eight hours daily, or they will get leggy and won’t bloom a lot.

      So…does that sound easy to you? Or like way too much trouble? Hahahaha. Another suggestion…miniature roses do great in clay flower pots. They come in every color, and can be really pretty on your patio. Maybe that would be a good starting point?

      Hope this helps at least somewhat. I know it’s not too definite. Sorry!!


  1. Marcia. I’m glad your happy. I like the planter and love that you painted it that beautiful color that you have around the rest of your garden. I have told you many times because I really like it. I like the roses there.
    My roses are finally weeded, fertilized and doing very well. They are waiting to see you.


    • Hi Felix! Glad you like the planter. It actually came that color, So I didn’t have to paint it. I do like my blue touches in the garden though. Still hoping to see you next week!


  2. I’m not very good with plants. Or they’re not good with me. I’m not sure which. So a good cup of coffee is a little thing that brings me a lot of joy every morning. Hey… coffee beans come from a plant! Does that count?


    • But of course, mon ami! Using the ever-popular “animal, vegetable, or mineral” rule, coffee, and the beans thereof, most definitely count. Besides which, I very carefully added “in the garden or elsewhere,” to my query, so you are covered on all fronts. Of course, I’m a tea drinker, myself, but I understand that SOME (Philistines!) prefer coffee to Earl Grey. It’s the pleasure it brings that is most important, anyway. That, and just taking a moment to be grateful for small happinesses. Drink up!

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