Like A Bad Penny, Here I Am Again!

( Reposted From Bookin’ It )

Back home from San Diego, after much sturm und drang, having gotten caught in airline hell on last Tuesday, when American Airlines stopped flying for the better part of the day. Caught in long lines, flight cancelled and rescheduled…THREE times…finally arriving at 2:30am! I was 24 hours in transit and exhausted, but by golly, I MADE IT! And got to spend 4 days of blissful Granny Time with Kaelen. Then I came down with some sort of dread disease that meant I had to wear a mask and not touch him any more! Eeeeep. And more flight trouble on the way home because…GET THIS…two passengers in FIRST CLASS decided to have a FOOD FIGHT, and apparently made such a mess that my flight out of Dallas was delayed for almost an hour while the crew cleaned up the cabin! Can you imagine? First Class JERKS is what they were. So I got home that night at 2:30am, sick and miserable. But you know what? I’d go through it all again to spend those four days with my lovely new grandson. What a sweet baby he is!

I have been quarantined at home by my doctor here, who says I’m teetering on the edge of pneumonia, but she is determined to head it off. So I’m to take my meds and REST. No housework. (Awwww…say it isn’t so!) Just “read, relax, rest, and recuperate.” I think I can do that. And I’m not banned from blogging, so hopefully, I’ll soon be back in the swing of that. I have two books to review here and tons of garden pictures to share on Who’s Your Granny, so I’m good to go. And just so you can see the reason I ever got caught up in all that airline mess in the first place, here’s a little piccie for ya.


Now tell the truth. If this were YOUR brand new grandson, you wouldn’t regret the Flight From Hell, either, would you?

Be back soon with my next review!

*going off now, tapping my ruby slippers together, and repeating over and over, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”*

7 thoughts on “Like A Bad Penny, Here I Am Again!

    • Hi, Ned! Thanks on Kaelen’s behalf. He really IS a cutie, and thanks for the congratulations, too. He was worth it all. Even the pneumonia. Though right this minute, at 3:58am, wide awake due to too many meds, I sure wish the trip had been a bit easier on my old bones. But, hey. As I said, he was worth it.


  1. Wide awake and blogging at 3:48am? Yuch. Such a side effect of all the resting and med popping. Small steps toward recovery. Patience (as frustrating as it is!!) is required. Hopefully you will be REALLY tired tonight (unless you sleep alot during the day) and maybe your body will start to settle down and readjust.


    • Man, I hope so, Kathy. After I posted here, I went to Bookin’ It and wrote an entire review. I’m almost afraid to go over there and check it again, in case it is totally incoherent. I never did go to sleep. Read until 6:15, turned out the light for 45 minutes, gave up and got up with the dogs. So I’m now on a 24 hour stretch of being up and about. I think it’s the albuterol inhaler. It gives me the shakes for a good 45 minutes after I use. My breathing is better, so I think I’m backing off of that one. Note to Self: No more albuterol in the evening, and no more codeine-ated cough syrup in the day time. There. I feel better already!


  2. I’m sorry you were so sick! I hope you are doing better by now! Your grandson is absolutely gorgeous. I’d say your trip was worth it! Continue to heal, write, read and blog. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ M


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