Louis Philippe, Angel Face, and “Dulce Maria”


(Click to see larger image)

A couple of my roses had buds yesterday which I quickly snipped to save them from marauding flower beetles. I just had to share.  The glorious coral-pink one was a rooted cutting given to me by my good friend, Felix. He didn’t know the name, but calls it Dulce Maria. This is the first time it has bloomed for me, and I just love the enormous petals and the vibrant color. The fragrance in this first bloom was very mild, but the flower makes up for it in size and beauty. The red one is Louis Philippe, which smells very nice, but these first blooms of the spring are a bit on the smallish side. It is never a huge flower, but is one that I love probably more than all other roses, for its history, as well as its blooming habit. And the third one is Angel Face, which is the most beautiful, feminine, and heavenly smelling little rose imagineable. The lavender color is fantastic, too. I wish my iPhone did a better job at capturing the colors for you, but maybe you can get an idea of how nice these three roses are. 

And here is my cat, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, checking out Dulce Maria. He’s a nosy boy! But he knows a pretty rose when he sees one! Again, click to see full sized photo.



Are your roses blooming yet? Which are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Louis Philippe, Angel Face, and “Dulce Maria”

  1. Marcia, the roses look great. I am so happy “Dulce Maria” is giving you flowers.
    This rose is special for me, as you know. “Angel face” is beautiful, as “Lois Philippe”. My roses are slow at flowering this year. Just a few of them are blooming, “Old Pink Rose”, “St David”, “Red double knockout rose.
    I need to give them some love. ha ha ha.


    • My roses are looking pretty sad right now, too, Felix, but Dulce Maria sure put up one gorgeous big bud and beautiful flower. I finally planted it today, where I can see it from the porch. (I changed my mind about the other location because I wanted it more visible.) I will think of you and how special our friendship is every time I see it blooming. (And maybe even sometimes when it’s NOT! *GRIN*)

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