Goldfinches Everywhere!


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Today, there are at least 15 goldfinches at my feeder, with at least one male in nearly perfect breeding plumage!  I’ve mentioned before that I try to look for miracles every day.  For me, this is one.  How much beauty is packed into such small packages!  They brighten my garden, my view from my library window, and my heart!  Wishing each of you a beautiful miracle today, too.  They are there, if you keep your eyes open!

One thought on “Goldfinches Everywhere!

  1. That must have been beautiful,Marcia, a miracle.
    I was reading a book on the bridge bench when I saw one of the dogs chasing something into some vines. I told my grandson,Jonas that it’s probably a toad. He said no,popi is a bird. I took a better look. It was a baby bird with a red spot on top by the tail. He got away safe. I wonder what kind it was.


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