February In Central Florida


Pink Firespike  (Odontonema strictum)

Photo Taken Half Hour Ago Near My Patio

(Notice very blue sky, and hot, hot sunlight)

I was just watching the news today, and saw the images of the awful blizzard that struck the northeastern part of the country yesterday and over night.  My heart goes out to those without power, and who have suffered damages from the storm. I have to say, it seems surreal to be sitting at the table in my shorts and t–shirt, watching the news and trying to imagine how cold it must be up there. The local weather came on immediately afterward and promised that we will have 84 degree temps by Monday.  It’s a mere 74 degrees right now, so that’s a ten degree hike in the next day and a half. Frankly, 84 degrees is too hot to suit me, but it’s better than digging out from under a five foot pile of snow, I know, so I’m not going to complain.

I’m actually working in the garden today, pruning back roses that are trying to send up new growth already, and weeding things that normally would die over the winter, but haven’t this year, since we haven’t had a freeze yet.  Even my firespike is blooming for the first time in three years.  It’s really too tropical for here, and normally freezes right before the buds open every year.  Go figger!

Ain’t life strange?  I’m sweating, those folks up north are freezing, and still, things go on, for better or worse. It’s left to us to just play the hand we’re dealt, I reckon.  So, with that thought in mind, break’s over, and it’s back to the garden for me.

10 thoughts on “February In Central Florida

  1. We got our biggest snow total of the season, but nothing like they got in New England. Just enough to look pretty, keep us home for a day with all the food we bought (as if we’d be stuck inside for a month) … but now we are shoveled and clear. It’s cold, though. Brrrr. Tomorrow the sun will be shining and it’s going to hit the 40’s …. downright balmy!


    • HI, SC! So glad you weren’t in the worst of it. We had some “cooler” weather last week, with lows in the low 40’s and high’s in the low 60’s, which is pretty much perfect to me. I had a fire every morning, but was comfy by mid-day. Thankfully, since I don’t even own a long-sleeved shirt, let alone a jacket. (Most of my neighbors were bundled up like they were going skiing in Aspen!) But today was just summery enough to feel good in the garden. Monday will be HOT. And then I will be envying you, for sure. Given my druthers, I’ll take cold over heat, any day–within reason, of course. I don’t want a blizzard or Fargo-like temps, for sure. And I don’t need what they are dealing with in New England. But it sounds like I’d like it where you are, just fine.
      Stay warm!


  2. Hi, Presents! I’m glad you have survived. Yes, even I, a great lover of colder temps, know when I’ve got it good. Playing with my roses and making cuttings of coleus was a much more enjoyable way to spend a day than shoveling snow. I like snow. I do. But not on city streets, and not when I have to dig a car out from under it. Or when it blocks my front door and I can’t even get out of the house. There’s such a thing as too much! Down here, that starts to occur in mid-May and carries on until mid-October, when our temps are in three digits, and even shoveling snow sounds good. But for now, it’s all good in central Florida.

    I hope you stay warm and toasty, and have no lasting repercussions from the blizzard. Take care!


  3. It is fun to read that there is color and life elsewhere…We were to get a little snow but just got cold and gray this weekend. Your Firespike warmed me and brightened my day.


  4. Aw, that’s lovely, Alice. I’m glad it cheered you up a bit. It is really warm out there again today, so I’m about to change from jeans to shorts, so I can work in the garden a bit more. I’ll share some other pictures later on. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. as my daughter would say.. it is what it is! I live in PA expect to get cold in winter…no changing that. I like your picture of pretty sunny and warm Florida!


  6. You are right, Patty. It is what it is. Trouble is, as much as I love some things about Florida, being a native and all, I really hate hot weather and I would be living in the mountains of North Carolina, near Lake Lure or Bat Cave, if I had my druthers. It’s Mark who won’t move out from under the palms. So it is what it is, it just isn’t my choice. But I’m pretty good at focusing on the good things, so I am busy enjoying Firespike blooming in February, and being grateful I don’t have to shovel snow out of my driveway today. Ya gotta bloom where you’re planted and all that, even it if isn’t your first choice.
    I lived in PA for several years, btw. My son was born at Allegheny General in Pittsburgh.
    Thanks for stopping by! Always nice to see you.


  7. Life IS strange, yes, and I reflect on that all the time. I’m here doing this, safe, comfortable, well, and then over there…

    I love the flower though : such vivid life, almost glowing.


    • Hi, Words! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Yes, most of us are so blessed in our daily lives, and we never take the time to be grateful. I’m trying to be much better about that, myself. My life is filled with abundance!

      The flower is very pretty, and when you see an entire bush covered with these pink spikes (that are around a foot tall, each), it’s breathtaking. Sadly, mine usually freezes to the ground each year in the one hard frost we might get during a winter. This year, we haven’t had one, so it made it all the way up to about 8′ in height, and has three or four bloom stalks going. It does my heart good to see it continue to make the effort, even though nature isn’t kind to it here in my area. It’s a good example of perseverance.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

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