Christmas At Granny’s House Part 3


A few more pictures from my living room and dining room.  I do them in shades of blue, silver and white, in contrast to the rest of the house, which is more traditional multi-color, and heavy on reds and greens.  My living room tree, which is being backlit by the big window in this picture, and thus not nearly as pretty as it is after dark. But you can get an idea.  


A close up of some of the blue and silver oraments.  Also not the greatest picture, sorry.


A tabletop vignette with some cool little forest trees and a beautiful Father Christmas given to me by my sweet DIL.


Another little vignette with white papier mache church and Santas.


Dining room wall.  Mark put up the bead board and plate shelf, and I used it to display in vintage FiestaWare until my MIL gave me her stunning set of Blue Danube china.  Now that resides there all year long, and at Christmas, gets the addition of greenery, mercury glass votives, and other silver bits.


Close up for the Blue Danube, and a mercury glass container.

A little corner hutch I inherited from my grandmother, and which I love.  Some of the pretties pieces of the china fit in there perfectly, and it lends itself well to Christmasy touches, too.


In particular, I love the graceful curves of the gravy boat.  It looks like it should house a djinn, or something!


Okay, that’s enough for today.  I’m afraid I’ll send you all into Toxic Santa Shock or something.  But since I have virtually nothing up yet this year, it made me feel good to go through these photos from last year.  Lots of memories, here.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of them!

11 thoughts on “Christmas At Granny’s House Part 3

    • You’re welcome! Now you know what would be waiting for you if you ever wanted to spend Christmas in central Florida. When it’s 80 degrees out. And you are wearing shorts, and have to run the a/c if you want to light the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Haha. (Some years, we do have nice, cool weather and a big roaring fire on Christmas morning. But mostly not. That usually waits until January).


    • Thanks, Jennifer. It felt good to look at the photos again. And I’ve been working all day to get at least SOME things up. My mantel is loaded with Santas, and Tabitha’s Tiny Town is set up and lit. I’ve put out a bunch of things in the kitchen and family room, and set the two topiaries by the door. It feels AWESOME to have something UP!! Woohoooooo.


      • We didn’t put too much up. We have the tree and some decorations in a window (its too high for small hands to get to). My daughter has done well not to get into the tree. In fact, she helped me decorate it. 🙂


  1. I don’t have to worry about wee ones any more. Except for the cats, of course. But mostly, they mess up the tree skirts and chew on ribbons on packages. And I can’t hang any stuffed ornaments where Maks, my chocolate & tan dachshund, can reach them. He eats anything stuffed. But my granddaughter is a big help with the decorating when she gets down here early enough. This year, I think I’ll just save the Wizard of Oz tree for her. Other than that, anything that isn’t out in a week will not be going up this year.


  2. I love your “blue” Christmas especially the dishes. Very elegant and beautiful, just like I would envision Christmas to be at granny’s house! Advent Blessings! Patty


    • Thank you, Patty. I love that room all year long, and then adding greenery and votives to it makes me so happy. I was very fortunate to receive the Blue Danube china. Neither Mark’s sister nor her daughter, who got first dibs, naturally, wanted it. ??? I had often admired it for years, and I’m so happy she gave it to me. I don’t know why they turned it down…not their style, I guess…but I love it. It’s dressy without being formal, which suits me to a T. I hang all sorts of silvery things from the chandelier, too, so the little dining room looks pretty spiffy for Christmas and New Year’s. I hope I have time to get it all done before next Tuesday.


  3. Lovely, Christmassy pictures, especially those with your granddaughter. She and my granddaughter Grace (9) and Grandson (8) all have a great time decorating. It’s so much fun watching them create!


    • Hi, Marylin, and thanks so much! I just love Christmas, and having a granddaughter makes it so much more fun. Next Christmas, I will also have a grandson, though he won’t be old enough to do any decorating. We’ll just call HIM a decoration, I reckon! Hope my daughter and SIL will move closer by then. (They’re in San Diego now, and we’re in Florida! Eep.) But my son, DIL and granddaughter are just up the road, and we’ll see her in a few days.

      Lovely having you stop by. Hope you’ll visit often!


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