Christmas At Granny’s House Part 2


Here are a few more pictures from last year’s Christmas, just for the heck of it.  Hope you enjoy them.

 This first one is part of my entryway village.  Tabitha decided to give it a name.  I guess The Village wasn’t quite creative enough for her, so I found this sign posted a day after she came to stay with us for our regular holiday visit. I packed it away so I can use it from now on.


This is the pass through from my library to the kitchen, and my Holly Jolly Santa Shelf. Every bookshelf gets some Santas, too.


These next two are closer views of the pass through decorations, from the kitchen side. The white wooden tree holds a collection of small Santas, many very old. The mugs are mostly vintage ones from the 50’s, as well.



One of my library bookshelves.  Even Bob The Skull, a character in The Dresden Files books, gets into the act. His girlfriend, Boberta, is going to get a hat this year, too, when I get to it. 


Santas and more Santas.  Country style Black Santas, Chinese Santas, African Santas, Patriotic Santas and more, on every shelf in my library and family room. And thanks to Mark, I have a LOT of bookshelves.


6 thoughts on “Christmas At Granny’s House Part 2

    • Thanks. I love little villages. I wish I had room to expand it, but I’m trying not to add any more boxes to my Christmas stuff. As you might imagine, it takes up a LOT of space in the attic. I’m glad you liked it. And thanks for taking the time to comment.


      • I’ve seen your Christmas posts, I can imagine!!! 😀 I also have some Christmas decoration, but no little village…snifff!! When I went to Canada I bought some miniatures, but my then-boyfriend wanted to keep them and now I’m village-orphan again 😛


  1. Well, you’ll just have to start over again, and become Village Enabled once more. Then you can put up your own Tiny Town sign, and you will ROCK Christmas!


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