The perfect garden

(Click to view the full splendor!)

Why doesn’t my garden look like this?  Is that too much to ask??  Do any of yours look like this?  (If so, maybe you shouldn’t tell me.  I’m feeling insecure enough as it is!!)  But isn’t it a pleasure to look at it?

4 thoughts on “Why???

  1. Oh gosh no, mine certainly doesn’t look like that. The summer killed what flowers bloomed. And when it did rain, weeds grew in heavily. I just let it go this year. We have flower beds in the front and on the side of the house.


  2. We had the same problem here, Jennifer. We went through a year-long, severe drought and over the summer, things just burned up faster than I could hand water. Plus, I pretty much avoid the yard in July and August. I don’t want to be outside in three digit temps. We finally started getting rain a few weeks ago–just about the time we got the pump replaced on the well, and had irrigation again–but like your case, it seem to have benefitted the weeds more than anything else.

    SO much weeding and clean up for me to do this fall. And last night was the first really cool night we’ve had. Today is wonderful (mid-60’s) but it’s going back up to around 80 tomorrow. Still. It beats 103, so I’m hoping to get something done.

    Do you think I can go from overgrown, weed-filled jungle to something like the picture above in the next month? Except, of course, for the turf. We have brick courtyards, instead. But that’s my goal!



  3. I don’t even have a garden,just over grown grass and weeds!! With 4 dogs I am happy to have the grass and weeds! LOL But this would be my dream garden. Lovely picture.


  4. I have a garden I’ve worked in for eight years, Patty, and it doesn’t look like this, believe me. It’s my dream garden, too, again, without the grass. I don’t like lawn much. So in my mind, I color in all that solid green area with antique paver bricks, and then I’m happy.


    Thanks for stopping by. Nice to see you!


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