Catching Up, Again!

Hi, folks!  Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  Some of you know, I’m writing a book (a first-time experience for me), and it has definitely caused me to neglect both of my blogs a bit.  I’m trying to figure out a way to balance my projects, but it’s tricky.  So please bear with me for a little while, if I’m running a bit behind now and then.

Just to let you know, I’ve been seeing the little box turtle in my garden nearly every day.  The dogs track her down, rushing around with their little hound noses pressed to the ground until they find her hiding spot.  They bark and poke.  She closes up shop and waits.  So far, Turtle 23, Dogs Zero.  I do make them stop as soon as I see them barking at her, because I don’t want them to harrass her, but I don’t think they can do too much damage.  For one thing, Potter’s front teeth are almost gone, sadly, and I’m sure he can’t bite even the EDGE of her shell.  And Maks is more about the noise, anyway.  He never bites at anything.  Still, I like for the turtle to have some peace and quiet as she wanders around.  And I’ve got my fingers crossed that she is finding enough food and water in my overgrown beds.

Haven’t seen any fall migrants yet, but I do need to pick up some fresh sunflower chips this weekend.  As soon as I start seeing goldfinches, I will know it’s time to be watching closely for things like painted and indigo buntings, cowbirds, and the occasional rose-breasted grosbeak.

Not too much going on right now, though both Belinda’s Dream and Abraham Darby are blooming like crazy.  My little clump of muhly grass is putting out a few feathery pink blooms, but it really needs to be in a spot where early and/or late sun shines straight through the blooms.  That’s what makes them glow like sparklers.  Here are pictures of mine, though not very good ones, I’m afraid.  You can get an idea, though, of how pretty the blooms can look when the sun hits them.

muhly grass in bloom

I have a couple of pictures of my cassia tree in bloom I’ll post soon.  Sadly, last night’s wind and rain beat it halfway to the ground.  I hope it will straighten back up as it dries out, but I’m doubtful.  I may have to cut it way back.

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