Look What Mark Built!

Stacked brick bird bath

My New Brick Birdbath

(Click to Zoom)

After showing Mark the article on using bricks in the garden in that South African e-magazine which featured our pond, we decided we liked the stacked brick birdbath pictured.  We also decided we needed to add a few more birdbaths in our garden, too.  (I’m convinced one can never have too many!)  Since we have enough salvaged brick to build a second house piled here and there in the pot ghetto area of the back yard, we didn’t have to buy a thing!  We also have several stacks of salvaged slate from a demo job in downtown Orlando, too.  So Mark built one of brick and one of slate.  I love both of them, and best of all, since the bricks and slate are just stacked up, they would be easy to relocate or take down completely, if we wanted to make changes.  It only took him about an hour on each one, to be sure every layer was level and neat.  I’m all smiles!

Stacked slate birdbath

(Click to see Full Sized)

This makes at least five birdbaths in my backyard, alone.  How many do YOU have?  Even birds that don’t use feeders need water, and will usually make use of a birdbath, even if it’s just a shallow bowl on the ground.  And watching them bathe is so much fun!  

5 thoughts on “Look What Mark Built!

  1. Mark is a spoiler. He spoils you so much. Those are beautiful.
    I have only one bird bath,at the moment. I had two and a couple of weeks ago
    I found one on the ground,broke. We were upset,it was a gift to my honey from a gardener at Nova’s garden party.. I need to build some. 🙂


  2. Ha! This time it was HIS idea! The did turn out nice for zero dollars spent and a couple hours of work.

    You don’t even need to build anything, Felix. If you just put out some big, bowls, or 12″ terra cotta saucers, you’re good to go. You can put those right on the ground, or sit them on a table or something (like stacked bricks!) and the birds will love it. If the water is more than 3″ deep or so, put a couple of rocks in there that will be covered by just an inch. The birds who aren’t comfortable with deeper water will stand on those to bathe. That’s all there is to it. I even saw a galvanized garbage can lid on the ground being used by birds daily. They aren’t choosy about what it is or what it looks like, just the location, as relates to places for predators to hide.

    Of course, I love pretty birdbaths, too, and have a couple of fancier ones, as well. But the fancy stuff is for ME, more than for the birds.


  3. We don’t have any, Marcia; shame on us….!
    I love yours; Mark is obviously very clever…. My man is about to create a ‘rockery’ when the holidays begin soon… Here’s hoping…! Maybe a birdbath will be just the thing..! 🙂


  4. Hey, that would work just great…if you can find a rock with a shallow depression in it, you can use that. Or you can sit a terra cotta pot saucer on a flatter rock, and voila! Instant birdbath. They will love you for it. Glad you liked these. They only took an hour to build and are completely portable, if we need to relocate them for any reason. Plus, they could hold a pretty potted plant for display, too.

    Thanks for stopping by, and hope you’ll visit often.


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