Garden Blues…Sorta.

Blue Chair behind Iris

Black Gamecock Iris and Blue Chair

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I just love to use an accent color throughout my garden.  Since we moved into this house in 2004, I’ve been using my favorite color, blue.  I painted the shed door with my favorite shade, added chairs, painted a few benches, and used lots and lots of blue pots.  I just like touches of blue scattered all over the yard to tie it all together.  I get plenty of other color in my plants, including lots of purple, lavender, pink, yellow and red.  But I think by adding touches of blue, it seems cohesive, instead of chaotic.  Here are a few pictures for you.  Some of them were taken a couple of years ago, so you might notice that not all of the brickwork is down yet.  The yard today is mostly a courtyard with big, free form flower beds.

Blue birdhouse and pot

Blue Roofed Birdhouse & Cobalt Pot with Pink Rose

Blue Garden Bench on Patio

Recycled Bench Painted Blue with Blue Daze in Vintage Planter

Blue Urn Water Feature or Ali Baba Fountain

Blue Urn Makes a Great Ali Baba Fountain With Water Cascading Down Sides

Raised Herb Garden

Blue Pot Anchors Raised Herb Bed

(You can see brickwork in progress)

Blue Glass Bird Bath Behind Belinda's Dream Rose

Cobalt Glass Birdbath and Pale Blue Gazing Ball in Flower Bed

Blue Plumbago

Blue Flowers Like This Plumbago Add to The Look

Do any of you like to have a particular accent color?  Do you plant coordinated beds, or do you prefer an anything goes approach?  I’m curious  about what other gardeners like, and I really enjoy seeing pictures of other gardens, too.

6 thoughts on “Garden Blues…Sorta.

  1. I love the blue accents, but have to say I never really thought about accents in the garden. I guess I like red — flowers that is. I don’t think I would add any red furniture out there.


    • Hi, Sue. Oh, there are so many accent colors that go with red…just about any. I would personally love a lot of lime green or chartreuse with it. I’ve done pasts beds with hints of that in the ceramic pots that I tuck in here and there, and loads of chartreuse coleus to set off the red. But adding accents is strictly a matter of what appeals to you. I love a riot of color, and having plenty of it even when the flowers aren’t in bloom makes me happy. Like adding a string of pearls to that basic black dress. Just for purty. 🙂

      So good to see you here this morning. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Sorry, Sarah. This post is 9 years old, and though I managed to find a paint can with a bit of this color in it, it doesn’t have a name. I had a fabric swatch and they color-matched it at Home Depot. All I can say for sure is that it was Behr paint. 😦 Wish I could be more help. 🙂


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