Happy Freya’s Day In The Garden!

Pile of Pumpkins

Happiness is a Big, Orange Pumpkin

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day you’ve been given, and making the most of every moment of it!  Just wanted to point out my new poll.  My very favorite time of year is approaching, and I was just wondering what YOURS is?  Are you an autumn person, crazy about cool, crisp weather, frosted pumpkins, and falling leaves?  Do you love the winter, with days on the ski slopes, or making snowmen, and mugs of hot chocolate after?  Is the season of rebirth, spring, your favorite time of year?  With daffodils in every yard, and birds returning home to nest?  Or are the long, hot days of summer, cookouts on the patio, and heading to the lake for the weekend your idea of paradise?  I’ve already voted for pumpkins and falling leaves, myself.  Waiting to see what you think!  And I know there are only four seasons, but I couldn’t make the “Other” option disappear, so if you love all seasons equally, I guess you can use that space to write “All of the Above.”  🙂

Happy voting!  And as I was reminded on my other blog, Bookin’ It, today is the last day of summer, officially.  ENJOY IT TO THE MAX!  That’s an order from your Granny!

4 thoughts on “Happy Freya’s Day In The Garden!

  1. HI, Sue! Well, that’s where the “Other” button comes in, and you get to type in “All of the Above.” Good to see you stopping by. Thanks! And have a great weekend.


  2. Autumn and Winter are my favorite! Growing up in FL I never experienced the changing of seasons so my first Fall in East TN was an exciting one, I never knew there were so many different colors. I’m looking forward to this year, I have a new camera and I can’t wait to head to the mountains and take some pictures!


  3. Hi, Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by. You are a gal after my own heart, loving autumn and the mountains so much. I can’t wait to see your pics this year. I’m following your blog now so I won’t miss anything. Hope you’ll visit here again when you can! Have a great dayl.


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