Dancing Ladies

Dancing Ladies Orchid In Bloom

Dancing Ladies Orchid

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My favorite orchid, given to me by a friend from South Florida, is Dancing Ladies.  I love the tiny, brilliant yellow flowers with small brownish purple speckles on them.  This plant, which started out as a small spray, is now about 6′ wide, and had 15 bloom stems this spring, each about 4′ long.  It was UH-mazing!  It hangs in my Bali Hut, and gets moved out to the front corner when in bloom.  I know it’s time to divide it, but I’m scared to mess with it, for fear I’ll destroy it.  I’m wondering if my best move is to take it to a nursery with knowledgeable orchid people there who can advise me, or even do it for me.  I’d be so unhappy if I lost it!

Dancing Ladieds Orchid Bloom Spray

Believe me, photos don’t do this beauty justice.  There were hundreds and hundreds of flowers on it.  Thank you, TreeFrog, in case you ever stop by and see these photos.  I think of you every time this blooms!

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