Such Good Friends…Sausagey Little Devil Dogs!


Maks & Potter

My two sweet dachshunds, who think they run this entire household.  Maks (Dancing With Weiners Star Maksim Hotdogski) and Potter (The Phantom’s Sir Hairy Potter of Sanford) are best friends, even though Potter is several years older.  Maks is a chocolate and tan dachsie, and Potter is a red & white piebald (as in “pinto”).  They are a big, fat nuisance, but so funny, you tend to forgive them for their mischief.

Do you share your garden with dogs?  What kind?  How do they behave?  Do you have dachshunds?  Are they as crazy as mine?

2 thoughts on “Such Good Friends…Sausagey Little Devil Dogs!

    • Hi, Kathy!

      Well….it could be because poor Potter is a rescue dog who had been badly abused when we got him in 2005, and still has some lingering “brain damage,” as my husband calls it. He’s pretty good these days, having finally learned that people (especially men) CAN be okay, but now and then, he has a touch of fear aggression with strangers.

      Or it could be because 4-year old Maks, who came to live with us at 8 weeks, loves nothing in the world more than the sound of his own voice. He is the barkingest dog I’ve ever seen, and nothing seems to discourage him. I’ve taught him lots of other things, but cannot get him to quit barking.

      And they both love to HOWL. Like stubby-legged wolves! With their little heads tilted skyward, and volume control on Make Your Ears Bleed, they just howl like banshees when they want to come IN, when they want to go OUT, when they see a person on their territory (which includes anything visible from the windows for a distance of about six miles), and when they just FEEL like it.

      And then, there’s their utter delight in nose poking the cats. If anything excites them for any reason, they run around in a frenzy until they find a cat to poke…vigorously! (Much to the annoyance of the cat of choice.)

      Seriously, they are wonderful, loving little dogs who spend every evening with me, squeezed in beside me in the Comfy Chair. A lap, a blanket, and me. That’s mostly what they require.


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